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Hospital Infrastructure problems and resolutions with Eco-System.

1. Financial Pressures Demand Lower Overhead Costs

Healthcare facilities have been a major topic of concern in recent months following the collapse and possible repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. With an uncertain future, healthcare facilities managers are facing additional pressures to decrease costs wherever possible. Fortunately, Ec0-Systems’s energy management module can open new avenues for savings to healthcare organizations. Moreover, these pressures are being placed on facilities management professionals by patients, stakeholders, oversight agencies and insurance companies. New patient safety statutes require better, safer Systems. As a result, change will need to be swift and effective. Energy use comes in many forms, electric, gas, steam, propane, Eco-System has the ability to monitor, manage and make decisions based on historical data allowing facility managers to set automations in place saving on energy costs by simply scheduling usage based on T.O.U.

Oversight agencies are also increasing scrutiny on systems impacting patient safety, like elevator controls, fire alarms and electrical systems. 

2. Security Concerns Are Increasing

One of the primary issues impacting modern healthcare is security. In fact, recent security problems in New England hospitals contributed to a severe threat to both patients and employees. But, Eco-System can improve security at healthcare facilities, including increasing the number of Close Circuit Televisions (CCTVs), better monitoring of areas, Access Control management, environmental security management and increased accountability, which may also include authorized and limited access points. Eco-System has the tools to proactively secure your Hospital and with the added IO CAD module granting access to law enforcement and emergency management for greater security efficiency and response times.

3. Patient Monitoring and Data Collection

The advent of I.O.T has created many new technologies from patient tagging, life signs monitoring and increased data collection and sharing between EMS, hospital systems and individual doctors offices. Eco-System has the ability to not only connect all these different systems regardless of manufacturer but it can also collect and analyze data from all these systems. With the Landscape control panel you now have the ability to see all the collected data from one central location and make informed decisions based on all the facts. Eco-System will allow hospital staff to run reports set and view alert parameters and much more.

4. Environmental monitoring

Temperatures, pressure, flow, electrical intensity, humidity, power emitted or consumed, average, peaks, dips in consumption, incidents, etc. The data monitored may vary widely depending on the type of system, the calculation capacity, the level of detail sought, and even the visualization or reporting solutions related to it.

Applied to the field of energy, the Eco-System monitoring service  is designed to raise the level of performance of an installation – for example a heating and cooling network in an office building or even of an entire business district. It contributes simultaneously to better user comfort and preserving the resources consumed in turn saving the facility on overall energy consumption and maintenance costs.